Statistics LFS 2021/22

Description of the zero year at the Grammar School Ostrava-Zábřeh, Volgogradská 6a

  • In the 2021/22 school year, we launched a zero year at GOZV6a, reaching primarily eighth and seventh grade students.
  • The introduction consisted of a short personal presentation of the LFS followed by a 15 minute discussion.
  • The task was to explain the difference between the FCE and the CAE exams in terms of usefulness for further education or employment and to motivate students to apply for the CAE.

Data description

  • To achieve the CAE certificate, you need to score 180 points or more, the maximum a score is 210 points according to the Cambridge English Scale.
  • 6 students participated in the zero year of LFS. Of those, 33% (n = 2) were female. The group taking the CAE exam consisted of students of the seventh 17% (n = 1) and eighth year 83% (n = 5) (Tbl.1).


  • The highest score in the 21/22 LFS was 208 points. The average of points earned in the year 21/22 LFS was 197.7 points (Tbl. 2).
  • 17% (n = 1) of the participants reached level C1-C, 50% (n = 3) of the participants reached level C1-B and 33% (n = 2) of the participants reached level C1-A, and thus advanced to language level C2 (Fig. 1).

Tbl.1 Student characteristics

  • Tbl.2 Achieved results

Fig.1 Graphical overview of the achieved language level