Our Supporters 

Renaissance high school language professor with the heart of a folklorist

The first supporter of the Lingua Franca Stipendium of the HF Foundation is Lenka Foltýnová Glacová, who is a Renaissance person, an excellent high school teacher, and a folklorist. She became a LFS supporter in early 2021.

'You live a new life for every new language you speak. If you know only one language, you live only once.'

"Foreign language teachers and students at our school are well aware of the importance of quality language education. That is why we did not hesitate when we were approached by two former students of our institute –Ostrava-Zábřeh Grammar School (GOZV6a) in 2021 with the offer of the Lingua Franca language scholarship. The reason was simple. We encounter English almost every day nowadays and the pressure to improve our language skills is therefore increasing. The Lingua Franca Scholarship project is a great motivation to get a head start and, by successfully passing the C1 Advanced exam during secondary school, to better compete not only in the jungle of foreign languages, but especially in the world of study and job opportunities.

…says Mrs. Lenka Foltýnová Glacová, who became a supporter of the Lingua Franca scholarship project and an integral part of it at the beginning of 2021. Her support of the scholarship is expressed by passing on information about LFS directly to the students or to their legal representatives. In doing so, she has become a key person co-responsible for the success of the zero year of the scholarship at GOZV6a.  

Since 2005, Mrs. Lenka Foltýnová Glacová has been working at GOZV6a as a teacher of foreign languages (ENG, FR) and history.In 2005, she graduated from the Faculty of Arts at SLU in Opava. During her studies, she worked as a lecturer at the language agency Prima Lingua, she holds the Cambridge certificates C1 Advanced and C1 Business Higher and she completed a language course in Brighton (England) to further improve her language and teaching competences.