About us

We are a group of committed people who believe in the power of ideas and based on our own life experiences, we have decided to support educational, environmental, historical, social, and research projects and to take our share of responsibility for the future direction of the Czech Republic and the EU.

         We are privately funded by patrons and partners.

Currently, we support students at secondary grammar schools, we value their diligence, self-sufficiency, and education. We would like to become an open platform for meeting and sharing innovative ideas.

Since its beginning, the HF Foundation has been devoted to the Lingua Franca Scholarship project to support language education of grammar school students. It aims to compensate for the inadequate level of foreign language graduation proficiency through a competition (currently B1 or B2) in the Czech Republic.

The primary focus of the LFS project is on the external and internal peripheries of the Czech Republic. The project itself does not exclude cooperation with any secondary school / secondary grammar school throughout the entire state.

The project motivates young people from the Czech Republic to graduate from secondary education institution with language skills that will enable them to continue their studies abroad, and, above all, to compete in the highly competitive labour market in the Czech Republic, the EU or anywhere else in the world.

The aim of the project is to fulfil the quote attributed to TGM: "You live a new life for every new language you speak. If you know only one language, you live only once."