Statistics LFS 2022/23

Description of the first year of Lingua Franca Stipendium

  • In the school year 2022/23 the first year at LFS was completed.
  • The number of cooperating grammar schools was expanded by five, four from the Moravian-Silesian Region and one from the Karlovy Vary Region.
  • The number of scholarships awarded was doubled.

Data description and Results

  • The first year of LFS was attended by 8 students from four grammar schools. Of these, 50% (n=4) were female(Tbl.1). The group taking the CAE exam consisted of students from the seventh and eight grades.
  • To achieve the CAE certificate, you need to score 180 points or more, the maximum a score is 210 points according to the Cambridge English Scale.
  • The maximum number of points earned in the 22/23 LFS was 208. The average number of points obtained in the year 22/23 LFS was 200.8 points (Tbl.1).
  • 13% (n=1) of the participants reached level C1-C, 25% (n=2) of the participants reached level C1-B and 63% (n=5) of the participants reached level C1-A, thus moving to language level C2 (Figure 1).

Tbl.1 Student characteristics and Achieved      results

Fig.1 Graphical overview of the achieved language level